At Ladies Fitness Studio, we want your experience to be fun and enjoyable. We provide a wide variety of classes to suit all levels of fitness. Classes range from Dance to the more traditional style of Aerobics, the elegance of Pole Fitness to the more intense Boxercise and of course the aggressiveness of the Spinning class! There are also toning & strength training classes to help firm and tighten up those stubborn areas. Full details of all the classes we deliver can be found on our Facebook page. Classes are free to members but non-members can pay for this facility. If you require further information on any specific class, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

or 2 30min classes for £5**
(**must be on same day)


9:30am Spinning - Sophie
10:00am Short Circuits - Sophie

5.00pm Abz - Mel
5:30pm Spinning - Jane
6.00pm Freetone - Mel
6.30pm Short Circtuits - Mel
7.00pm Swiss Stability - Mel

9:30am Spinning - Chantal
10:00am Dancersize - Chantal
10:30am Tone - Chantal

5:00pm 100 - Mel
5:30pm Hula - Mel
6:00pm Extreme Dance! - Chantal*
7:00pm Short Circuits - Mel

9:30am Spinning - Sophie
10:00am Short Circuit - Sophie

5:30pm Spinning - Jane
6.00pm Short Circuits - Jane

8.00am Abz - Chantal
9:30 Spinning - Chantal
10:00am Wiggle It! - Chantal
10:30am Tone - Chantal

5.00pm Boogie Tone - Mel
5:30pm Ballet Tone - Chantal
6:00pm H.I.I.T. Spin - Jane
6:30pm Short Circuit - Chantal
7:00pm Boogie Tone - Mel

9:30am Spinning - Sophie
10.00am Short Circuits - Sophie
10.30am Hex - Sophie

5.00pm Iron Kettle - Mel
5:30pm Boogie Tone - Mel
6:00pm Short Circuit - Mel
6.30pm Abz - Mel